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Squid Pro. Our system offer the highesdt level of performance, comfort, and efficacy with a 15-minute treatment and setup time of less than one minute.

Squid provides intermittent cold compression using our proprietary sequential compression wrap and cold gel pack designed to direct edema away from the extremities and towards the heart, promoting venous return and enhancing circulation.


Smarter – Designed by scientists to be comfortable, portable, durable and frequently used.

Faster – Treatment in 15 minutes with 4 simple compression modes.

Deeper – Targeted cold that conforms to the treatment area to drive cold deep into the joint or muscle.

Pre-Operative Use: Patients can use Squipd to reduce pain and swelling on the affected areas as necessary prior to surgery.

Post-Operative Use: Patients can use Squid to reduce pain and swelling while enhancing local circulation, which may help speed recovery after surgery.

Physical Therapy Use: Squid can be used as a more effective alternative to tradictional cryotherapy tools in the clinic setting.


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